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Head of Global Product Marketing at Uber

Leadership style is a vital component of organizational success. I have found the most success by creating an openly sharing and approachable environment — where brainstorming is encouraged — and then synthesizing all the information into the best decision.

This collaborative approach has enabled me to take a customer problem, break it down, and build a cohesive and commercial solution that delivers a positive and measurable experience to customers and the company.

As a customer-obsessed marketing leader with a 12-year track record of global business marketing and strategy, I am a transformational leader with an ability to work independently, create effective presentations, drive customer acquisition and engagement and elevate a company’s position in revenue, market share and brand adoption.

I have a successful track record leading global teams, with expertise spanning brand, digital and online marketing, B2B and B2C product marketing, lead generation, partner marketing, go-to-market (GTM) strategy, product messaging, pricing and storytelling, cross-functional team leadership and client relationship management.

I’ve had the opportunity to study, live and work in different countries, I’m fluent in several languages, and I have an innate ability to connect with consumers and industry leaders with enthusiasm, energy and passion.