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CEO, Summit Bridge Group Inc.

Dr. David S. Chen started his career in 1984 with General Motors Research Laboratory in Michigan, developing AI computer software for manufacturing automation. From 1994 to 2004, he worked for GM in China, where he played a key role in areas of joint venture negotiations, merge/acquisition projects, product portfolio planning and development, and joint venture management. From 2004 to April 2011, Dr. Chen, as Vice President of GM China and General Manager of GM Beijing Operations, had the responsibility for public policy, government affairs, and corporate social responsibility for GM in China.

In May 2011, Dr. Chen joined Microsoft. He serves as Vice President of Microsoft, General Manager of Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs for Great China Region (GCR), including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His responsibility includes promoting cooperation between Microsoft and Chinese government, developing new business initiatives, implementing corporate social responsibility and philanthropy projects, and ensuring Microsoft’s business conduct complies with local law and regulations.

During his 7 years with Microsoft, Dr. Chen has been instrumental to develop new business initiatives in China including public cloud services (Office 365 and Azure), personal entertainment system (Xbox), AI applications, merge/acquisition deals, and internet related business initiatives such as Skype and Bing search. Dr. Chen also plays a key role in supporting Microsoft deploying modern IT solutions in smart city projects to enable the digital transformation of the Chinese economy. He also facilitates US-China dialogues over cybersecurity and internet governance by creating a platform where candid discussions can take place among government officials, industry associations, companies, and academicians from US and China. Through a three-year tireless effort, Dr. Chen helped to place Windows 10 back to Chinese government procurement list after a rigorous cybersecurity review. Dr. Chen also led the Microsoft China team through the anti-trust investigations.

Dr. Chen founded The Summit Bridge Group in 2018, leveraging his rich experiences, to help MNCs to expand and grow business in China as well as to help Chinese companies to expand business overseas. Dr. Chen has a doctor degree in computer science from the University of Michigan, master degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering from Purdue University, and a Sloan master degree of management from Stanford University. He earned his bachelor degree in mathematics from East China Normal University.