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Bianca Lopes

Bianca Lopes

Owner and Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Marketing at BioConnect.

Electrified by all that is possible, when you dream as big as the world is!

At my core, I’m an entrepreneur, an economist, a technologist and a powerful storyteller. Specifically, I love to tell stories and execute strategies that drive meaningful conversations and change some of the most significant issues in the world, like identity, data and financial literacy. My approach for achieving success has been led by investing in relationships and learning. I face my failures as parts of the process of experimentation, and necessary for growth.

Throughout my career, I’ve led successful, diverse, and talented communications, sales and product teams. I have created sales and PR campaigns, branded and repositioned companies and products. I work for some of the most influential organizations in the world; including Visa, HSBC and most recently, the Brazilian Central Bank. As a serial entrepreneur, I have recently co-founded Talle (https://www.instagram.com/wearetalle), and we work as an external strategic partner to global banking innovation departments using creative media and storytelling strategies to share knowledge and build a culture of learning across their internal teams and externally to their B2B ecosystem. We have clients operating in Europe, MENA, North America, Brazil, China and India. 
My career path has been intentional and forward-thinking, always seeking developmental challenges that would make me the best possible contributing member of a leadership team. This mindset and approach have been the driving force behind what is now a diverse career that spans several technology and data heavy industries, including biometrics, banking, socially conscious e-commerce, and media.